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Davis, Christopher G. Research Agricultural Economist 202-694-5167
Davis, Eric C. Research Economist 816-412-5249
Davis, James C. Research Agricultural Economist
Davis, Wilma V. Agricultural Economist 816-412-5256
Denbaly, Mark Senior Economist 202-257-5122
Dew, Taylor Agricultural Economist 816-412-4132
Doane, Lynell Director for Administrative and Financial Services 816-908-3134
Dobis, Elizabeth A. Research Agricultural Economist 816-412-4137
Dodson, Laura Agricultural Economist 202-694-5505
Dohlman, Erik Economist, Domestic Baseline Coordinator 202-892-3544
Donaldson, David Branch Chief 816-663-1898
Dong, Diansheng Senior Economist 816-823-1535
Dong, Fengxia Research Agricultural Economist
Dudgeon, David Data Management and IT Coordinator 816-410-3220
Dunn, Richard A. Research Agricultural Economist 401-262-3380
Durst, Ron Senior Research Economist