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Hahn, William Agricultural Economist 816-412-4148
Hales, Laura Agricultural Economist 816-412-7441
Haley, Mildred Agricultural Economist 202-694-5176
Hansen, James Senior Economist 202-694-5321
Harris, Dominique Acquisitions Supervisor 202-694-5016
Hashad, Reem N. Research Agricultural Economist 816-412-7412
Haylock, Camille ISD Director 202-694-5004
Hellerstein, Daniel Agricultural Economist 202-694-5613
Hendel, Caitlin Managing Editor/Team Lead for Amber Waves/Charts of Note 816-412-4150
Henneberry, Shida Director, Market and Trade Economics Division 816-412-5254
Hills, Elizabeth Public Affairs Specialist
Hjort, Kim Agricultural Economist 202-694-5310
Hodges, Leslie Research Agricultural Economist
Hoffmann, Sandra Senior Economist 202-694-5354
Holt, Xan Contract Designer
Hopkins, David Statistical Support 202-694-5026
Hopkins, Jeffrey W. Branch Chief 202-694-5121
Hrozencik, Aaron Research Agricultural Economist 816-926-1444
Huang, Joshua Research Agricultural Economist
Hubbs, Todd Cross Commodity Analyst 816-412-5260
Hueth, Brent Branch Chief 816-412-6610
Husby, Megan Agricultural Economist 816-412-5258
Hutchins, Claire Agricultural Economist 816-412-6618
Hyman, Jeffrey Economist 202-694-5382