• Farm Income and Wealth Statistics. These statistics are estimates of farm sector income, with component accounts for the United States. Includes Federal Government direct farm payments by program, United States and U.S. States.
  • Commodity Costs and Returns Data. Data and analyses for major field crop and livestock enterprises for each year since 1975.
  • Season-Average Price Forecasts. Four Excel spreadsheet models that use futures prices to forecast the U.S. season-average price for corn, soybeans, wheat, and upland lint cotton (ginned cotton) and the Price Loss Coverage payment rate for corn, soybeans, and wheat. Users can view the model forecasts or create their own forecast by inserting different values for futures prices, basis values, or marketing weights.
  • Risk Management Agency Summary of Business. Provides extensive data on participation in the Federal Crop Insurance Program (FCIP). Data include: acres insured, liabilities, premium subsidies, indemnities, and loss ratios, among other details. An online query tool is available, as well as preformatted annual tables, by crop, State, or insurance plan.