Francis Tsiboe

Research Agricultural Economist


Francis Tsiboe is a research agricultural economist in the Agricultural Policy and Models (APM) branch of the Market and Trade Economics Division (MTED). As a member of the Agricultural Policy Team, Francis’s research focuses on applied microeconomics with applications to risk management and international development.


Francis received his Ph.D. in Applied Economics in 2021 from Kansas State University. He received a B.S. degree in Agriculture with a major in Agribusiness from the University of Ghana, and a master's degree in Agricultural Economics from University of Arkansas.

Professional Affiliations

Francis is a member of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association.

Selected Publications

Tsiboe, F., and J. Tack. 2021. “Utilizing Topographic and Soil Features to Improve Rating for Farm‐Level Insurance Products,” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, ajae.12218.

Tsiboe, F. 2021. “Chronic Sources of Low Cocoa Production in Ghana: New Insights from Meta-Analysis of Old Survey Data,” Agricultural and Resource Economics Review, 50(2): 226–251.

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