The U.S. vegetables and pulses sector comprises hundreds of independent markets within the food-marketing system. During 2017-19, U.S. farm cash receipts from the sale of vegetables and pulses (including potatoes and mushrooms) averaged $19.4 billion—10 percent of U.S. crop cash receipts. This amount was generated on less than 2 percent of all U.S. harvested acreage. Annual per capita availability (a proxy for consumption) of vegetables and pulses over the same period averaged 404 pounds—down 4 percent from a decade earlier.

ERS provides a range of data products and reports on vegetable and pulse markets including domestic supply, demand, trade, and prices. 

Periodic, Scheduled Outputs 

Recent ERS Reports Relating to Vegetables and Pulses

In addition to the periodic Outlook reports and data products, ERS disseminates reports covering issues important to vegetable and pulse crop markets in the United States and around the world. Recent ERS reports relating to vegetable and pulse crops include: