Vegetables and Pulses Data


Vegetables and Pulses Data provides users with comprehensive statistics on fresh and processed vegetables and dry pulses in the United States, as well as some global data for these sectors. It integrates data from the ERS market outlook program with data collected by different Federal and international statistical agencies to facilitate analyses of economic performance over time, and across domestic and foreign markets. Currently, data are located in the following inter-related products:

  • Selected Weekly Fresh-Market Vegetable Movement and Price describes the change in shipment volume, farm prices, and retail prices of select vegetables for the weeks noted. Volume and prices reflect weekly marketing and supply chain conditions which can be affected by various factors including pests, weather, imports, exports, retail promotions, and labor disruptions.
  • Data by Category (e.g., price, production, etc.) provides current monthly U.S. import and export data, producer and retail price indexes, and selected monthly retail prices.
  • Data by Commodity  provides current import and export data for more than 40 individual fresh and processed vegetable and pulse commodities on a marketing-year basis.
  • Yearbook Tables (in Excel and machine readable data) contain a time series of the annual per capita supply and use data for fresh and processed vegetables and for dry pulse crops. Included are U.S. production, exports, imports, per capita utilization, and prices.
  • Commodity Highlights (Tableau visualizations) provide a time series of commodity highlights using a United States map and various bar and line charts for more than 70 individual fresh and processed vegetable and pulse commodities. Included are annual harvest acreage data from the latest Census of Agriculture in addition to production, prices, exports, imports, share of availability imported, share of supply exported, and per capita utilization which are either sourced or derived from the yearbook tables.

This data product is a work in progress. For help understanding the data, see Documentation.

Note: Trade data and accompanying analysis published by USDA, Economic Research Service in June 2024 will not reflect annual revisions to the U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services data released by the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census on June 6, 2024. Revisions will be reflected in USDA, ERS products after the July 2024 release of trade data by the Census Bureau.