Vegetables and Pulses Yearbook Tables

The compiled Vegetables and Pulses Yearbook tables, including a detailed table of contents, and tables from the previous years are also available. Prior to 2012, this data series was entitled Vegetables and Melons Yearbook; archive copies are available here.

Yearbook tables contain a time series of annual per capita supply and use data for fresh and processed vegetables and for dry pulse crops. Included are U.S. production, exports, imports, per capita utilization, and prices.

Note: The “Vegetables and Pulses Yearbook Tables” is available as a single Excel or machine-readable file. For Yearbook Tables released before July 30, 2021, the Yearbook Tables are found in separate Excel files called General, Supply, and Utilization: Fresh Market, Supply, and Utilization: Processed Market, Supply, and Utilization: Dry Pulse Crops. 

Data Set Last Updated Next Update
Vegetables and Pulses Yearbook Tables 7/30/2021 8/12/2022
Vegetables and Pulses Machine Readable Data 7/30/2021 8/12/2022