Vegetables and Pulses Yearbook Tables

Vegetables and Pulses Yearbook Tables provide comprehensive, annual time series that illustrate changes in the supply, availability, and season-average prices for U.S. vegetables, potatoes, pulse crops, and mushrooms. The yearbook offers essential insight into the trends shaping the vegetable and pulses sector.

The yearbook data are updated annually with coverage for vegetables starting in 1970 and for pulse crops in 1980. Data are compiled from various public and industry sources such as USDA, Economic Research Service; USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service; U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census; USDA, Agricultural Marketing Service, Market News; California County Agricultural Commissioners; North Dakota State University; and the National Onion Association.

Data Set Last Updated Next Update
Vegetables and Pulses Machine Readable Data 9/21/2023
Vegetables and Pulses Yearbook Tables 8/31/2023 8/29/2024