Nutrition Security Research Resources

Nutrition security is an emerging topic in Federal food assistance and nutrition policy discussions. It encompasses several aspects of nutrition—including acquisition, consumption, and education. Nutrition security and food security are closely linked. USDA defines food security as access by all people at all times to enough food for an active, healthy life. An active, healthy life depends on both adequate amounts of food and the proper mix of nutrient-rich food to meet an individual’s nutrition and health needs.

Many factors contribute to nutrition security, including access to affordable, healthy foods provided through a productive, resilient food supply. Consumers also need reliable information from food labeling and nutrition education to be able to make the choices that best fit their nutritional needs—while also being compatible with their household budgets, cultural preferences, and lifestyles. 

ERS conducts economic research on numerous topics central to food and nutrition security in order to inform public and private decision making. The following information provides links to selected ERS resources on these topics. 

ERS Nutrition Security Research and Resources

Food Security in the United States

USDA Food and Nutrition Assistance Programs—SNAP, WIC, Child Nutrition


Food Access

Food Supply and Availability

Diet Quality and Nutrition

Nutrition Information and Education

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