Economic Research Report No. (ERR-317) 36 pp

May 2023

The Impact of Recent Trade Agreements on Japan’s Pork Market

Between 2018 and 2021, Japan ratified trade agreements that will virtually eliminate its pork import barriers by 2028. Using the Global Trade Analysis Project model, ERS researchers estimate that Japan's pork imports could increase between 3.6 and 13.9 percent by 2028 (compared to 2018 levels) due to its global trade agreements. These increased imports could also reduce Japan’s pork production between 4.2 and 11.8 percent and increase U.S. pork exports to Japan by $281 million.

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Davis, E. C., Sabala, E., Russell, D., & Beckman, J. (2023). Impact of recent trade agreements on Japan's pork market (Report No. ERR-317). U.S. Department of Agriculture, Economic Research Service.

Keywords: Japan, pork, trade agreements, production, imports

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