Vegetables and Pulses Outlook No. (VGS-368) 71 pp

April 2022

Vegetables and Pulses Outlook: April 2022

This report covers basic supply, demand, price, and trade analysis for fresh-market vegetables, processing vegetables, potatoes, and pulses. The most common pulses are beans, peas, lentils, and chickpeas. The first special article is titled “Fill the Gaps: Supplementing Annual Domestic Specialty Crop Production Estimates.” The second special article is titled “U.S. Sweet Potato Production Leads World in Exports.” USDA, ERS encourages feedback from the specialty crop community of stakeholders within various parts of USDA, crop extension personnel, university staff, commodity organizations, etc. USDA, ERS will use the feedback received to (1) gauge interest and need; (2) justify priority and/or continuation of special articles; and (3) validate or refine the proposed methods. Please contact Wilma V. Davis and/or Catharine Weber with stakeholder feedback.

Keywords: Vegetables, fresh, processed, potatoes, tomatoes, mushrooms, pulses, beans, peas, production, trade, prices, consumption, per capita availability, organic, greenhouse

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