Baseline Team

Group contact


The Baseline Team consists of:

  • Erik Dohlman (Domestic Baseline Coordinator : United States) 
  • Jim Hansen (International Baseline Coordinator : Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Burma, Central America and Caribbean, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Other Asia and Oceanic, Other South America, Pakistan, Philippines, Republic of South Africa, Thailand, and Vietnam)
  • Maros Ivanic (Baseline Modeling Coordinator)
  • Brian Williams (Domestic Modeler : United States)
  • Kim Hjort (International Modeler : Brazil, India)
  • Adam Gerval (International Modeler : Economic Community of West African States, Japan, Nigeria, Other Sub-Saharan Africa, Republic of Korea, and Taiwan)
  • Megan Husby (International Modeler : Canada, European Union, Former Soviet Union, Other Europe, Russia, and Ukraine)
  • Matthew Miller (International Modeler : Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Morocco, Other Middle East, Other North Africa, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey)
  • Gayle Pounds-Barnett (Model Development Specialist)
  • Saleem Shaik (Branch Chief)