James Hansen

Senior Economist


Jim Hansen is a senior agricultural economist in the Agricultural Policy and Modeling Branch in the Market and Trade Economics Division at USDA, Economic Research Service (ERS). Jim is USDA’s International Baseline Coordinator. In this role, he coordinates efforts of staff working on 41 country agricultural commodity models and developing USDA’s 10-year commodity projections. 



Jim Hansen’s research focuses on issues affecting long-term global commodity projections and international trade. His research has focused on emerging economies, China, Southeast Asia, and West African countries, and he has also worked on capacity-building projects in Mexico, Serbia, China, and West Africa. Prior to joining ERS, Jim was a researcher at the University of Arkansas, specializing in Asian and global rice markets, including consulting work at OECD in France. Jim was a finance instructor in Egypt for Iowa State University and worked as a researcher at the university’s Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute (ISU-FAPRI), where he developed commodity models and projections for FAPRI’s annual 10-year commodity projections. Prior to graduate school, Jim had extensive international and domestic experience, including as an Instructor for The United Nations High Commission for Refugees in the Philippines, where he worked in agricultural extension and livestock management on the island of Mindanao with the Philippines Ministry of Agriculture. Jim grew up in Colorado working in the family beef feedlot and farm business, earning income from a cattle business partnership for about 10 years. 


Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics, Iowa State University,
B.S. in Agricultural Economics, Colorado State University.


Selected Publications

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