Feed Outlook No. (FDS-19F-01) 51 pp

July 2019

The Growing Corn Economies of Mexico and the United States

This report explores how the U.S. and Mexican corn sectors have changed since the transition to free-trade under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was completed and the extent to which the sectors could change further in the coming decade. Mexico is the largest foreign market for U.S. corn, and U.S. corn exports to Mexico have been free of tariff and quota restrictions since 2008.

Errata: On September 17, 2019, several corrections were made to the special outlook report entitled The Growing Corn Economies in Mexico and the United States. In the box entitled “Where is Corn Grown in Mexico and the United States?,” the legend in figure 2 was corrected, and the correctproduction data were entered into table 2.

Keywords: Mexico, Corn, United States, USMCA, NAFTA, supply, demand, production, trade, feed, tortillas, ethanol, farm policy

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