Vegetables and Pulses Outlook No. (VGS-297) 27 pp

June 2003

Vegetables and Melons Outlook: June 2003

Per capita consumption of all vegetables and melons (on a fresh-equivalent basis) is expected to increase 1 percent to 445 pounds in 2003--up about 6 pounds from 2002. Gains are expected to be spread across fresh and processing items, led by potatoes, tomatoes, and sweet corn. In 2002, per capita vegetable and melon use fell about 2 pounds to 439 pounds as lower fresh-market vegetable and potato consumption outweighed increased canning and freezing use. Despite the decline in total fresh-market use in 2002, fresh-market tomatoes reached a record-high 18.3 pounds per person, while cucumber, onion, and cantaloup use were the second-highest on record.

Keywords: vegetables, melons, market outlook, prices, production, per capita use, consumption, tomatoes, potatoes, dry beans, cantaloup, processing, fresh-market, melons, forecasts

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