Policies and Standards

ERS research informs and enhances public and private decisionmaking on economic and policy issues related to agriculture, food, the environment, and rural America. To accomplish this mission, ERS economists and social scientists develop and disseminate a broad range of science-based economic and statistical information to the public. The following policies and standards apply to the Agency’s work and website.

Data Product Quality
ERS ensures that quality standards are embedded in data products for purpose, utility, objectivity, transparency, integrity, and accessibility.

Error Correction
In the event that a substantive error is detected in a disseminated information product, ERS will make a correction.

Information Quality
How to request for correction of information disseminated by ERS.

Non-Disclosure Agreements Notice
Information for USDA employees required to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

OMB Statistical Policy Directives
As one of the principal federal statistical agencies, ERS is responsible for ensuring the quality, objectivity, and transparency of the statistical information it provides.

Information on privacy and related policies.

Research Quality
Includes information on Peer Reviews, Publishing at ERS and USDA Plain Writing.

Scientific Integrity
ERS is committed to upholding the protections and responsibilities outlined in USDA’s Scientific Integrity Policy, which protects scientific findings from suppression or alteration and ensures the quality and accuracy of data and analysis.

ERS website policies and the publishing schedule.

For more information on USDA policies, see USDA Policies and Links