U.S. Bioenergy Statistics. A source of information on biofuels intended to highlight the biofuel-based demand for agricultural feedstocks. For example, the tables show the amount of corn used for ethanol; fuel ethanol and biodiesel production capacity and utilization; and prices and consumption of bioenergy and traditional energy sources. Where appropriate, data are presented on both a calendar-year and the relevant marketing-year basis to increase the utility to feedstock-oriented users.

Feed Grains Database. Contains statistics on four feed grains (corn, grain sorghum, barley, and oats), foreign coarse grains (feed grains plus rye, millet, and mixed grains), hay, and related items. Data on food, seed, and industrial use contain a series on corn and sorghum used for ethanol production. The Feed Grains Database includes data published in the monthly Feed Outlook report and previously the annual Feed Yearbook. Data are monthly, quarterly, and/or annual, depending upon the data series.

Oil Crops Yearbook Data tables. This product contains supply and use statistics for oilseed, oilmeal, and fats and oils. This report includes estimates of oilseed acreage, yield and total production; and prices at the farm and wholesale levels. As such, the Oil Crops Yearbook provides key market information for vegetable oils, which are important feedstocks for the production of biodiesel, renewable diesel, and sustainable aviation fuel.