Quick Facts

The Food Dollar Series provides an overview of the food system, with estimates of the farm share and of the distribution of food dollar, value added shares over time:

  • Statistics for 2020 are the first to reflect the Coronavirus (COVID-19) food economy, where shifts towards a larger share of food-at-home spending reduced the foodservice share in the industry group series. This has led to increases in the per dollar share of most other industry groups and is largely behind the increase in the farm share in the marketing bill series.
  • For every dollar spent in 2020 in the United States on domestically produced food (food dollar), U.S. farmers sold 16.0 cents of farm products to nonfarm establishments (farm share), up from 15.0 cents in 2019.
  • Food processing costs increased to 16.7 cents per food dollar, from 15.2 cents the previous 2 years and reached its highest value since 2009.
  • Foodservice costs per food dollar decreased from 33.1 cents in 2019 to 27.9 cents in 2020. The decrease moves the share from a series high since 1993 to just below its average level over that same period.
  • Transportation costs increased for the third consecutive year, to 4.1 cents per food dollar in 2020, the highest recorded value in this series which dates to 1993.