Xiao Dong

Research Agricultural Economist


Xiao Dong is a Research Agricultural Economist in the Food Markets Branch of the Food Economics Division at USDA, Economic Research Service. His research investigates consumer demand, food marketing, industrial organization, food retail, food manufacturing, and retailer/producer strategies.


Xiao joined the Economic Research Service in January 2020 after completing his Ph.D. at The Ohio State University. Previously, he was an engineer in the chemical industry.


Xiao received his Ph.D. in A.E.D. (Applied) Economics from The Ohio State University. He received an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Ohio University and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame.

Selected Publications

Dong, X. 2022. “Lack of Local Price Response in National Retail Chains from Very Large, Localized Demand Peaks – Evidence from College Move-ins and Instant Noodles,” Economics Letters 213:110384.

Zeballos, E., and X. Dong. 2021. “The Effect of Recessions and COVID-19 on Food Sales,” Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy: 1–14.

Dong, X. 2021. “Baby-Cut Carrots as Convenience Incentives – Quality-Based Price Discrimination on Retail Fresh-Cut Produce,” Applied Economics Letters: 1–4

Dong, X., and G.M. Astill. 2021. “The short- and long-term costs of a severe drought on retail peanut butter prices and consumers,” Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics 53(2): 259–279.

Dong, X., and H.A. Klaiber. 2021. “Local brand entry and incumbent variety response: evidence from the ice cream market,” Agricultural and Resource Economics Review 50(2):1–19.

Dong, X., and H.A. Klaiber. 2019. “Consumer stockpiling in response to the U.S. EISA ‘light bulb ban,’” Energy Economics 81:566–576.

Dong, X., J. Trembly, and D. Bayless. 2017. “Techno-economic analysis of hydraulic fracking flowback and produced water treatment in supercritical water reactor,” Energy 133: 777–783.