Wilson Sinclair is an economist in the Food Markets Branch of the Food Economics Division. His research, data, and outreach responsibilities focus on food expenditures and firm level decisions in food marketing related to sales, employment, entry, and growth. Wilson’s M.S. research resulted in second place at the Graduate Student Paper Award at the 2017 Western Agricultural Economics Association—and a publication in the Journal of Agriculture and Applied Economics.


Prior to joining the Economic Research Service in May 2020, Wilson spent 2 years at the U.S Geological Survey focusing on non-market valuation of ecosystem services and 2 years in the Western U.S. working in environmental consulting.


Wilson received his M.S. in Agricultural and Resource Economics from Colorado State University (2017), and his B.A. in Agricultural Economics and Business from Auburn University (2014).

Selected Publications

Sinclair, W., and A.M. Countryman. 2019. “Not So Sweet: Economic Implications of Restricting US Sugar Imports from Mexico,” Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics 51(3), pp.368-384.

Sinclair, W., C. Huber, and L. Richardson. 2020. “Valuing tourism to a historic World War II national memorial,” Journal of Cultural Heritage.