Patrick Canning

Patrick Canning

Senior Economist


Patrick (Pat) Canning is an Agricultural Economist in the Food Markets Branch, Food Economics Division. His current research focuses on food costs and food system sustainability, with an emphasis on research that informs food policy discussions at the Federal level. He recently coauthored an ERS report that examines the role of fossil fuels in the U.S. food system. Pat also developed and manages ERS's Food Dollar Series data product which he updates annually to answer the question, “where do our food dollars go?”


Pat earned his Ph.D. in economics from George Washington University and both his Bachelors and Masters degrees in agricultural and resource economics from the University of Maryland.


Selected Publications

Canning, P., and S. Rehkamp. 2017. "The Relationship Between Energy Prices and Food-Related Energy Use in the United States," Amber Waves, USDA, Economic Research Service, June.

Canning, P. 2017. "Food Dollar Series," An ERS Data Product and Accompanying Food Dollar Web Application: March.

Canning, P., S. Rehkamp, A. Waters, and H. Etemadnia. 2017. The Role of Fossil Fuels in the U.S. Food System and the American Diet. USDA, Economic Research Report, January.

Canning, P., A. Weersink, and J. Kelly. 2016. "Farm share of the food dollar: an IO approach for the United States and Canada," Agricultural Economics, 47: 505–12.

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Canning, P. 2013. "Maximum-Likelihood Estimates of A US Multiregional Household Expenditure System," Economic Systems Research, 25(2): 245-64.

Canning, P. 2013. "ERS Food Dollar Series Allows an In-depth Look at Farm Level Components of the U.S. Food Dollar," Amber Waves, USDA, Economic Research Service, July.