Technical Bulletin No. (TB-1952) 49 pp

March 2019

Linking USDA Nutrition Databases to IRI Household-Based and Store-Based Scanner Data

To measure the overall healthfulness of Americans' food-at-home (FAH) purchases, USDA researchers created a purchase-to-plate “crosswalk”—linking data between USDA data and household and retail scanner data. Substantial improvements in the healthfulness of Americans' FAH purchases would be needed to comply with Federal dietary guidance.

Keywords: Scanner data, IRI InfoScan, IRI Consumer Network, Food and Nutrient Database for Dietary Studies (FNDDS), USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference (SR), Food Patterns Equivalents Database (FPED), Food Patterns Equivalents Ingredient Database (FPID), probabilistic matching, semantic matching, healthy diets, Healthy Eating Index (HEI), Dietary Guidelines for Americans

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