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Blank cells indicate that there are no data.

Export quantities are in short tons (2000 pounds/ton) and do not include re-exported fertilizers. The export value (exclude U.S. exports to Canada) is the value of exports at the U.S. seaport, airport, or border port of export, based on the transaction price, including inland freight, insurance, and other charges incurred in placing the merchandise alongside the carrier at the U.S. port of exportation. The value, as defined, excludes the cost of loading the merchandise aboard the exporting carrier and also excludes freight, insurance, and any charges or transportation costs beyond the port of exportation. U.S. exports to Canada are valued at the U.S. seaport, airport, or border port of export in the U.S. and include inland freight charges. Export values, in current dollars, are available for 2008 forward.

Import quantities are in short tons. Import values are determined on a customs valuation basis, which excludes U.S. import duties, ocean freight, insurance, and other charges incurred in bringing the merchandise to the United States. The value generally is the current transaction value of imports at the foreign port of export to the United States.

Annual summary data cover January to December.

Fertilizer Products
Fertilizer product name N-P-K (Nitrogen-Phosphate-Potash) composition HTS (Harmonized Tariff Schedule) code
Anhydrous Ammonia (82-0-0) 2814100000
Aqua Ammonia (20.2-0-0) 2814200000
Nitrogen Solutions (30-0-0) 3102800000
Ammonium Nitrate (Solid) (33.5-0-0) 3102300000
Ammonium Sulfate (21-0-0) 3102210000
Urea (Solid) (46-0-0) 3102100000
Phosphoric Acid, Wet Process (0-54-0) 2809200010
Phosphoric Acid, Superphosphoric (0-74-0) 2809200020
Normal Superphosphate (0-20-0) 3103100010
Concentrated Superphosphate (0-46-0) 3103100020
Diammonium Phosphate (DAP) (18-46-0) 3105300000
Monammonium Phosphate (MAP) (11-52-0) 3105400000, 3105400010, 3105400050
Potassium Muriate (0-0-61) 3104200000
Potassium Sulfate (0-0-50) 3104300000
Potassium Nitrate (14-0-44) 2834210000
Sodium Nitrate (16-0-0) 3102500000
Chemical Mixtures (12-23-8) 3105200000, 3105510000, 3105590000, 3105600000
Calcium Nitrate (15.5-0-0) 2834291000
Calcium Cyanamide (0-0-0) 3102700000
Potassium-Sodium Nitrate (14-0-14) 3105900010
Other Nitrogen Fertilizers 3102290000, 3102600000, 3102900000
Other Phosphate Fertilizers 3103900000
Other Potassium Fertilizers 3104100000, 3194900000
Sulfur 2503000010, 2503000090
Phosphate Rock 2510100000