Global rice stocks continue to rebuild

A chart showing the global rice stocks and stocks to use ratio.

Global rice stocks, which declined sharply in the early 2000s, prior to the 2008 spike in prices for rice and other food commodities, are forecast to continue the process of rebuilding in 2013/14. Global rice stocks are forecast to rise almost 3 percent in 2013/14, to the highest level since 2001/02. Widespread production gains have been a key driver of stock rebuilding. In 2013/14, global rice output is forecast at a record 476.1 million tons (milled basis), up more than 1 percent from a year earlier. Record crops are projected in India and China, the world’s largest producers, in 2013/14, with India forecast to be the largest exporter and China both a major importer and exporter. Larger harvests are also forecast for other major Asian producers, as well as in South America, North Africa, and Sub Saharan Africa. With ample supplies in major exporting countries, reference prices for major traded rice varieties from Thailand and Vietnam have continued to move lower in nominal U.S. dollar terms during 2012 and 2013. This chart can be found in the Rice Chart Gallery.

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