"No trans fats" claims on new products surpass claims of no/low/reduced fat

A chart showing the percentage of new products with a no trans fats claim compared with other leading nutrient claims.

Federal regulations requiring food manufacturers to label the trans fat content of foods, combined with media coverage of the negative health impacts of trans fats, have encouraged manufacturers to reformulate their products and offer more "no trans fats" options. New (including reformulated) food products displaying package claims of no trans fats began appearing in substantial numbers in 2004 and increased every year through 2009. In 2008, the percentage of new products with no trans fats claims exceeded those with no/low/reduced fat claims. The number of new products claiming to have no trans fats dipped to 1,069 in 2010, slightly more than the 1,065 new products claiming to be no/low/reduced fat. This chart appears in New Food Choices Free of Trans Fats Better Align U.S. Diets With Health Recommendations, EIB-95, April 2012.

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