U.S. vegetable availability increased in 2020 compared with 2019

U.S. per capita vegetable availability, 2001–20

The overall amount of vegetables available for consumption in the United States was 382.5 pounds per capita in 2020 – below the 20-year average of 389.8 pounds but increased from 371.6 pounds in 2019. The vegetables food group is composed of five main subgroups: legumes, other vegetables, dark green, red and orange (including tomatoes), and starchy (including potatoes). Some vegetable subgroups have increased in popularity, while others have seen declines. Comparing 2020 with the 20-year average, per capita availability of legumes, dark green vegetables, and red and orange vegetables increased while starchy vegetables and “other vegetables,” a subgroup containing 16 different vegetables, declined. Potatoes and tomatoes are consistently the individual vegetables with the highest per capita availability over the 20-year period.

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