Webinar: New Estimates of Supermarket Access and New Mapping Features in ERS' Food Access Research Atlas

Date:  Wednesday, February 1, 2017
Time:  1:00 p.m. EST
Duration:  1 hour
Speaker:  Shelly Ver Ploeg

ERS has updated the estimates in their Food Access Research Atlas (FARA) mapping tool and has released an accompanying report, Low-Income and Low-Supermarket-Access Census Tracts, 2010-2015 (see link below). The updated estimates include low-income and low-supermarket-access census tracts using a 2015 directory of supermarkets and 2010-2014 American Community Survey data on household vehicle access and family income.

In this webinar, ERS Economist Shelly Ver Ploeg briefly summarized the findings of the new ERS report and walked participants through new data features on the FARA mapping tool.

Limited access to supermarkets or other sources of healthy and affordable food may impede the ability of some Americans to eat a healthy diet. ERS’ Food Access Research Atlas (FARA) presents a spatial overview of food access indicators for low-income and other census tracts using different measures of supermarket accessibility and offers census-tract-level data on food access that can be downloaded for community planning or research purposes.

Low-Income and Low-Supermarket-Access Census Tracts, 2010-2015

View the recorded and closed-captioned webinar here.