Monika Ghimire

Agricultural Economist


Monika Ghimire is an agricultural economist in the Farm Economy Branch within the Resource and Rural Economics Division of the USDA’s Economic Research Service (ERS). Her responsibilities at ERS are with the farm income team, contributing to data releases 3 times a year. She also writes on trends and forecasts for the farm sector concerning farm income, expenses, assets, and debt.


Monika joined ERS in 2022. Before joining ERS, Monika worked as a tax economist for the Oklahoma Tax Commission, where she primarily analyzed and developed the forecast of the revenue from oil and gas production in Oklahoma and evaluated the fiscal impact of tax policy changes on tax collection and apportionment. Monika’s previous academic research focused on determining residential water demand, consumer preferences for different varieties of turfgrass, and values of lake amenities to residential homes.


Ph.D., agricultural economics, Oklahoma State University
M.S., agricultural economics, Oklahoma State University
B.S., environmental management, Pokhara University, Nepal

Professional Affiliations

Ghimire, M., Boyer, T. A., and Chung, C. 2019. "Heterogeneity in Urban Consumer Preferences for Turfgrass Attributes," Urban Forestry and Urban Greening 38,183–192.

Ghimire, M., T. Boyer, C. Chung, and J. Moss. 2016. "Consumers’ Shares of Preference for Turfgrass Attributes Using a Discrete Choice Experiment and the Best-Worst Method," HortScience Journal 51(7):892–898.

Ghimire M., T. Boyer, C. Chung, and J. Moss. 2015. "Estimation of Residential Water Demand under Uniform Volumetric Water Pricing," Journal of Water Resource Planning and Management 142(2),04015054.