Krishna P. Paudel

Krishna P. Paudel

Deputy Director for Research and Communications


Krishna P. Paudel is Deputy Director for Research and Communications in the Resource and Rural Economics Division at the Economic Research Service.


Krishna’s work focuses on water quality and water quantity, technology adoption, and international development economics. Krishna has served the agricultural economics and other affiliated professions in several roles, such as Editor of the Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, and as President of the Southern Agricultural Economics Association. He currently serves as Associate Editor for two journals: Natural Resource Modeling and Journal of Water Resource Planning and Management.


Krishna received an M.S. degree in Agricultural Economics from Auburn University and a Ph.D. degree in agricultural economics from the University of Georgia.

Professional Affiliations

Krishna is a member of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association and the Southern Agricultural Economics Association.

Selected Publications

Krishna P. Paudel, Ashok K. Mishra, Mahesh Pandit, Sherry Larkin, Rodrick Rejesus, and Margarita Velandia. 2020. "Modeling Multiple Reasons for Adopting Precision Technologies: Evidence from U.S. Cotton Producers." Computer and Electronics in Agriculture 175(August):105625.

Zhaohui Zhang and Krishna P. Paudel. 2019. "Policy Improvements and Farmers' Willingness to Participate: Insights from the New Round of China's Sloping Land Conversion Program." Ecological Economics 162, 121-132.

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Qiuzhuo Ma, Krishna P. Paudel, Liting Gu, and Xiaowei Wen. 2018. "An Application of a Cardinality-Constrained Multiple Benchmark Tracking Error Model on a Plant Enterprise Selection Problem." European Review of Agricultural Economics 45(5), 677-721.

C.-Y. Cynthia Lin Lawell, Krishna P. Paudel, Mahesh Pandit. 2018. "One Shape does not Not Fit All: A Nonparametric Instrumental Variable Approach to Estimating the Income-Pollution Relationship at the Global Level." Water Resources and Economics 21:3–16.

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relationship under the environmental Kuznets curve framework." American Journal of Agricultural Economics 95:261-267.