Jonathan McFadden

Jonathan McFadden

Research Economist


Jonathan is a research economist in the Structure, Technology, and Productivity Branch of the Resource and Rural Economics Division at the USDA’s Economic Research Service (ERS). He is an applied microeconomist, working in the areas of environmental economics and industrial organization as they relate to agriculture. At ERS, his research mainly focuses on the development, commercialization, and adoption of technologies and management practices that increase the productivity and environmental performance of U.S. agriculture. Topical interests include digital agriculture, climate change, genetic engineering, and emerging technologies and production practices—in both the United States and other Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries.


Jonathan was an assistant professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Oklahoma during 2019–2022. He was instrumental in developing undergraduate and graduate certificates in both applied statistics and data analytics for the university’s College of Arts and Sciences. His teaching interests were microeconomics, environmental economics, and applied econometrics. Prior to his university appointment, Jonathan was a research economist at ERS (2015–2019).


Ph.D., economics, Iowa State University, 2015
B.A., mathematics, University of Oklahoma, 2008
B.A., economics, University of Oklahoma, 2008

Selected Publications

McFadden, J. (2022). International Trade and Standards Harmonization: The Case of Tractors and the OECD Tractor Codes. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 104(4), 1512–1539.

McFadden, J., D. Smith, and S. Wallander. (2022). Weather, Climate, and Technology Adoption: An Application to Drought-Tolerant Corn in the United States, Working Paper Number 30121, National Bureau of Economic Research.

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McFadden, J., F. Casalini, and J. Anton. (2022). Policies to Bolster Trust in Agricultural Digitalisation: Issues Note, OECD Food, Agriculture, and Fisheries Papers Number 175, OECD Publishing: Paris, France.

McFadden, J., A. Rosburg, and E. Njuki. (2022). Information Inputs and Technical Efficiency in Midwest Corn Production: Evidence from Farmers’ Use of Yield and Soil Maps. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 104(2), 589–612.

Errickson, F., K. Kuruc, and J. McFadden. (2021). Animal-Based Foods Have High Social and Climate Costs. Nature Food, 2(4), 274–281.

McFadden, J., and W. Huffman. (2017). Willingness-to-Pay for Natural, Organic, and Conventional Foods: The Effects of Information and Meaningful Labels. Food Policy, 68, 214–232.