Chang Hong

Research Economist


Chang Hong is a research economist with the International Demand and Trade Branch, Market and Trade Economics Division at ERS. She specializes in trade issues and development, with a focus on China.


Chang Hong specializes in international trade and finance issues. She has studied the impact of trade liberalization on industry specialization, industry protection, employment, and product variety and quality. Her current research includes firm level trade productivity and markups, as well as trade and exchange rate issues. Before joining ERS, she was an Assistant Professor of Economics in Clark University from 2008 to 2016. Prior to that she worked at the IMF Research Department in Washington DC.


Chang received a Ph.D. in Economics from University of California, Davis, and an M.B.A. from University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Professional Affiliations


Selected Publications

“Export Spillovers and Location Choice,” with Haoyu Wu, Journal of Japanese and International Economics, forthcoming.

“Unit Values in International Trade and Product Quality,” Journal of Economics and Financial Studies 03(03):66-79, 2015.
“Contractual Versus Non-Contractual Trade: The Role of Institutions in China,” with Robert Feenstra, Hong Ma, and Barbara Spencer, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 94:281-94, 2013.
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