Market and Trade Economics Division (MTED)

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MTED Management Contacts

MTED monitors, evaluates, and conducts research on domestic and foreign economic and policy factors affecting agricultural markets and trade. Research focuses on policy and program alternatives, domestic and international markets, commodity analysis and forecasts, international food security, and development of analytical tools and data.

Commodity and Food Market Performance, Outlook, and Policy

MTED plays a lead role in USDA’s research and market outlook program for food and agricultural commodities, with contributions to the Department’s monthly World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report and annual domestic and international baseline 10-year projections. MTED economists focus on the influence of policies, regulations, institutions, and other factors that drive changes in the supply, use, and prices of U.S. and global agricultural crop and animal product markets. MTED economists also analyze the costs and returns for major crop, livestock, and dairy commodities.

Farm Bill, Federal Crop Insurance, and Risk Management

MTED analyzes Federal crop insurance and other commodity support programs for their risk reduction impacts at the farm level as well as potential budget implications of alternative risk management programs. MTED also examines how farmers’ participation in these programs will change with the passage of new legislation and how farmers will adapt to commodity support programs that focus more on risk management than previous programs.  The impact of producers’ program choices on the variability of support payments is also analyzed.

Trade and Trade Policy

MTED trade policy research focuses on developing and strengthening USDA’s capacity to analyze trade policy and respond to critical questions of trade negotiators, policy analysts, and decision makers arising from bilateral, regional and multilateral issues and initiatives. Trade policy affects the competitiveness and growth of U.S. agriculture. MTED trade research focuses on quantifying the impacts of global market infrastructure, institutions, trade barriers, and regulations on U.S. agricultural trade.

Global Food Security and Development

MTED delivers timely and objective global food security research and analysis, which supports U.S. initiatives such as the Global Food Security Act.  MTED produces an annual International Food Security Assessment and conducts research, with USDA partners as well as FAO, USAID and the World Bank, on key factors affecting global food security including economic growth, agricultural productivity and trade.