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Aquaculture, cattle and beef, dairy, hogs and pork, poultry and eggs, sheep, lamb and mutton.
Corn, cotton and wool, beans, fruit and tree nuts, peanuts, potatoes, rice, soybeans and oil crops, sugar and sweeteners, vegetables and melons, and wheat.
Agricultural productivity and science policy, beginning farmers, bioenergy, commodity outlook, farm household well-being, income and finances, policy, structure and organization, Federal tax issues and land use, land value and tenure.
Biotechnology, chemical inputs, crop and livestock practices, irrigation and water use, and risk management.
Child nutrition programs, food and nutrition assistance research, food security in the U.S., poverty and income volatility, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), and WIC Program.
Diet quality and nutrition, education, information and labeling, food access, food consumption and demand, and obesity.
Consumer Price Index (CPI), expenditures and costs, food service industry, local foods, processing, marketing, and retailing and wholesaling.
Foodborne illness, labeling and information policy, market incentives, government regulation, and response to incidents.
Food safety, international markets, global food security, macroeconomic indicators, and trade policy.
Climate change, conservation programs, environmental quality, invasive species and organic agriculture.
Business and industry, employment and education, natural amenities, population and migration, rural classifications, rural development policy, and rural poverty and well-being.

Last updated: Saturday, May 26, 2012

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