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Download the Data

All of the data included in the Atlas are aggregated into an Excel spreadsheet or zipped CSV files for easy download. These county-level data are from a variety of Federal sources and cover varying years. The Documentation section provides information on definitions and data sources.  

Data are grouped by topic and reported in four tabs within the spreadsheet: People, Jobs, Income, Veterans, and County Classifications. Each tab includes the County FIPS Code as the first column. The Variable Name Lookup tab allows users to connect the short name for the indicator used as the header in the spreadsheet with the more descriptive title used in the Atlas.

    Data Set   
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    Download the data in ExcelDownload as Excel7/22/2016
    Download the data in CSVDownload as Zip7/22/2016

    Last updated: Friday, July 22, 2016

    For more information contact: John Cromartie and Timothy Parker