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Highlights From the 2015 Farm Income Forecast
Net farm income is forecast to be $73.6 billion in 2015, down nearly 32 percent from 2014’s forecast of $108 billion. Median total income of farm operator households is forecast to increase slightly in 2015.

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China Is Increasing Its Reliance on Agricultural Imports
China is heavily importing land-intensive agricultural products such as oilseeds, oil, and cotton, and the United States has become the leading supplier of China's agricultural imports.
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Wetland Conservation: Estimating Costs and Environmental Benefits
ERS findings suggest how and where funds for wetland protection and restoration might be targeted within States, regions, and across the United States to maximize environmental benefits relative to costs.
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Measuring Access to Food in Tanzania
ERS compares the cost of regional representative food baskets in Tanzania with per capita income to identify regions and income groups facing potential difficulties with access to food.
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USDA Agricultural Projections to 2024
USDA’s 10-year food/farm sector projections cover major agricultural commodities, trade, and aggregate indicators of the U.S. farm sector, like farm income. Population and income growth are drivers of long-term demand for farm commodities.

Last updated: Monday, February 23, 2015

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