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Image: International Markets & Trade

South Korea

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South Korea's export-oriented economy supports a relatively affluent society of 48 million people. The county's rugged mountains leave a relatively small arable land area. Rice dominates crop production and has long been the staple food, and Korea has turned increasingly to food imports to satisfy consumers' demands for greater food variety, lower prices, and convenience. South Korea is among the top ten markets for U.S. agricultural exports, and the country's market for consumer-ready food items shows great promise.

ERS analyzes key aspects of Korea's food and agricultural situation and trade, and issues affecting U.S. agricultural trade, including assessing potential impacts of the recently concluded U.S. trade agreement with South Korea, Colombia, and Panama. ERS also provides links to current and historical USDA data on countries' production, supply, distribution, and trade.

Last updated: Monday, March 07, 2016

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