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Image: Fruit and Tree Nuts

Market Outlook

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ERS conducts market outlook (situation and outlook analysis) for fresh and processed fruit and tree nuts within the Fruit and Tree Nuts program area. ERS analysts consider the development and implementation of agricultural and trade policies, effective domestic and foreign demand for fruit and tree nuts, weather, commodity and input prices, and general market conditions.

ERS disseminates fruit and tree nut market information through publications, data products, presentations, and this briefing room.  The primary publication is the Fruit and Tree Nuts Outlook, published four times per year. This report contains market analysis and data for fruit and tree nuts. Long-term supply and use projections for fruit and tree nuts are published in USDA Agricultural Baseline Projections, which is released annually in February.

ERS also supplies fruit and tree nut data through the annual Fruit and Tree Nuts Yearbook data product. The Yearbook contains over 20 years of time-series data for fresh and processed commodities and includes annual bearing acreage, production, prices, value, imports, exports, per capita consumption, and monthly grower and retail prices. Other fruit data products maintained by ERS include the following:

Last updated: Wednesday, October 29, 2014

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