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Agriculture in Brazil and Argentina: Developments and Prospects for Major Field Crops

by Randall D. Schnepf, Erik Dohlman, and Christine Bolling

Outlook No. (WRS-013) 85 pp, December 2001

Cover image This report identifies key factors underlying the agricultural productivity growth and enhanced international competitiveness of Brazil and Argentina in the past decade. Economic and policy reforms, infrastructure development, and enhanced use of agricultural inputs that drove output growth during the 1990s are discussed. This report also compares Brazilian, Argentine, and U.S. soybean production costs and evaluates the combined impact of production, marketing, and transportation costs on the overall export competitiveness of each country's soybean producers. Finally, the outlook for continued growth in output and exports of key commodities is assessed.

Keywords: Brazil, Argentina, soybeans, corn, wheat, agriculture, policy, infrastructure, production costs

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Last updated: Monday, May 28, 2012

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