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International Evidence on Food Consumption Patterns

by James L. Seale, Jr., Anita Regmi, and Jason A. Bernstein

Technical Bulletin No. (TB-1904) 70 pp, October 2003

This report analyzes expenditures on major consumption categories including food and different food subcategories across 114 countries. It also presents estimated expenditure responsiveness or elasticities with price and income changes for each of the major consumption categories and food subcategories for individual countries in the study.

The data in this report are available electronically. See the International Food Consumption Patterns data product.

Keywords: consumption, cross-country demand, complete demand system, food demand, demand elasticity, heteroskedasticity, maximum likelihood

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Last updated: Wednesday, September 25, 2013

For more information contact: James L. Seale, Jr., Anita Regmi, and Jason A. Bernstein