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Sugar and Sweeteners Outlook: June 2012

by Stephen Haley

Outlook No. (SSSM-286) 28 pp, June 2012

U.S. deliveries of total sweeteners for human food and beverage use for 2011 are estimated at 20.381 million tons, almost the same as the deliveries in 2010 of 20.387 million tons. Refined sugar deliveries increased by 1.6 percent, while corn sweetener deliveries fell by 1.7 percent. Within the corn sweetener category, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) deliveries fell by 1.6 percent. Since 2002, HFCS deliveries have fallen by 1.613 million tons, dry weight, or 17.8 percent. Honey deliveries increased by 5.6 percent, and other edible syrups stayed the same. On a per capita basis, U.S. sweetener deliveries for 2011 were 130.2 pounds, down slightly from 2010 but down 18.8 pounds from the 149.0 pounds in 2000. Per capita sugar deliveries for human consumption in 2011 were 66.2 pounds, the highest level since 1999, while corn sweetener deliveries for human consumption, at 62.5 pounds, were at their lowest level since 1985.

Keywords: Sugar, production, forecast, beet sugar, pounds, cane sugar, tariff rate, fructose, corn, syrup, exports, imports, disappearance

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