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Rice Outlook: July 2012

by Nathan Childs

Outlook No. (RCS-12G) 28 pp, July 2012

There were several major revisions to the 2012/13 U.S. rice balance sheet this month. On the supply side, the 2012/13 carryin was increased 5.0 million cwt to 34.5 million cwt. A higher area estimate raised the 2012/13 production forecast 8.0 million cwt to 191.0 million cwt. In contrast, 2012/13 imports were lowered 0.5 million cwt to 21.5 million cwt. On balance, these revisions resulted in a 12.5-million cwt increase in the 2012/13 total supply forecast to 247.0 million cwt.

Keywords: Rice, long grain, medium grain, short grain, exports, RCS-12g, July 2012

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Last updated: Wednesday, July 18, 2012

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