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Slaughter and Processing Options and Issues for Locally Sourced Meat

by Rachel Johnson, Daniel Marti, and Lauren Gwin

Outlook No. (LDPM-216-01) 24 pp, June 2012

This report evaluates the availability of slaughter and processing facilities for local meat production and the extent to which these may constrain or support growth in demand for locally sourced meats.

Keywords: livestock, slaughter, cattle, hogs, poultry, niche, local, production, mobile slaughter units

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This report, originally released in June 2012, was reissued in July 2012 with the following corrections:

• Figure 3 was corrected to indicate that FSIS does not carry custom-exempt slaughter plant data on the 21 continental States that do not maintain their State Inspection programs.

• At the bottom of page 8, a paragraph was amended to indicate that FSIS data are not complete for custom-exempt slaughter plants.

Last updated: Tuesday, July 10, 2012

For more information contact: Rachel Johnson, Daniel Marti, and Lauren Gwin