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Industrial Uses of Agricultural Materials Situation and Outlook Report (7)

by Lewrene Glaser

Industrial Uses of Agricultural Materials Situation and Outlook Report No. (IUS -7) 56 pp, July 1997

An estimated $110 billion worth of agricultural and forestry products were used as raw materials in the manufacture of industrial (nonfood, nonfeed) products in 1992. Wood and paper products accounted for $96 billion, more than 87 percent of the total. Other fibrous materials, animal products, natural rubber, and vegetable oils were among the other agricultural materials used in the manufacture of nonfood items. Markets are growing for citric and lactic acids, two organic chemicals usually derived from starch and sugar feedstocks. Soybean meal is being used to make adhesives and composites. Soybean oil is finding its way into plastics, inks, and solvents. Special articles examine two specialty oilseeds—crambe production and processing in North Dakota and lesquerella production in the Southwestern United States.

Keywords: industrial uses, agricultural materials, ethanol, citric acid, lactic acid, corn, soybean oil, soybean meal, straw, kenaf, crambe, lesquerella

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