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The Consumer Data and Information Program: Sowing The Seeds of Research

by Economic Research Service

Administrative Publication No. (AP-041) 35 pp, December 2009

Cover image for AP041 Changes in the American public’s food consumption and purchases in recent decades, together with advances in medical knowledge of dietary effects on health, have heightened awareness of the importance of understanding what people eat and where and why they eat it. Most U.S. consumers have diets that do not meet dietary guidelines’ recommendations, and rates of obesity and overweight are rising for all consumers. American food markets are dynamic in offering new products and retail outlets to consumers, changing the food choices available. At the same time, food firms have been challenged by food safety recalls, adverse consumer reactions to new technologies, and increasing mandates for nutritional quality and information.

Keywords: Consumer Data and Information Program, CDIP, food consumption data, food purchase data

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Last updated: Monday, August 19, 2013

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