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Food Assistance and Nutrition Research Program, Fiscal 2001, Competitive Grants and Cooperative Agreements Program: Description and Application Process

by Economic Research Service

Administrative Publication No. (AP-008) 24 pp, April 2001

ERS's Food Assistance and Nutrition Research Program accepted proposals for grants and cooperative agreements for fiscal 2001. The five priority research areas were (1) Workforce Attachment, Income Volatility, and Administrative Costs, (2) Food Assistance as a Safety Net, (3) Targeting High Needs Subgroups, (4) Eating Patterns, Food Choices, and Health Outcomes, and (5) Nutrition Education: Public and Private Returns to Information. This publication describes the research areas and application requirements. Funding for competitive awards in fiscal 2001 was approximately $2 million. The deadline for proposal submission was May 18, 2001.

Keywords: Nutrition assistance programs, child nutrition programs, nutrition, income volatility, food security, food choices, nutrition education, Food Stamp Program, WIC, low-income people, Competitive Grants and Cooperative Agreements Program, FANRP

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