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America's Eating Habits: Changes and Consequences

by Elizabeth Frazão

Agriculture Information Bulletin No. (AIB-750) 494 pp, May 1999

Cover Image Individual chapters in this book provide different perspectives on the nutrition problem in the United States: what are the economic costs associated with unhealthy eating patterns; how do dietary patterns compare with dietary recommendations; how do national income and prices, advertising, health claims, and trends in eating away from home affect nutrient intake; how much do people know about nutrition and how does nutrition knowledge and attitudes affect intake of fats and cholesterol; how do different government programs and regulations influence food expenditures and consumption; what are some public and private efforts to improve healthy eating; and what are potential impacts of healthier eating on domestic agriculture.

Keywords: Diet, nutrition, health, eating patterns, nutrition education, nutrition knowledge, dietary guidelines, food guide pyramid, food supply, food consumption, food assistance programs, school lunch, food away from home, advertising, health claims, nutrition labeling, agriculture, economic costs, Healthy Eating Index, Healthy People 2000

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