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A Consideration of the Devolution of Federal Agricultural Policy

by Craig Gundersen, Betsey Kuhn, Susan Offutt, and Mitch Morehart

Agricultural Economic Report No. (AER-836) 23 pp, November 2004

Cover image Diverse needs and preferences across the United States provide justification for the devolution, or decentralization, of many Federal Government programs to the State or local level. The move toward devolution, however, has not been evidenced in U.S. agricultural policy, despite significant differences across States in such areas as commodity production, production costs, income distribution, and opportunities for off-farm work. The existing structure of USDA funding and program delivery already reflects an appreciation of the gains from devolution, with some programs accommodating differences in State and regional preferences. This report considers the implications of devolving $22 billion in 2003 budget outlays, mostly for domestic commodity and natural resource programs and rural development and housing programs.

Keywords: public policy, devolution, agricultural policy, program delivery

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Last updated: Friday, December 28, 2012

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