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The Food Access Research Atlas
April 16, 2014
Updated online mapping tool measures access to affordable, nutritious food by census tract, using indicators such as distance to grocery stores and vehicle availability, and updates previous estimates of food desert census tracts.
Use of Debt by Farm Businesses Varies
April 08, 2014
While farm business debt use varies widely, large farms, farms with younger operators, and dairy and poultry farms have the highest levels of debt use.
Food Aid Reforms Helped Improve Food Security in Chhattisgarh, India
March 14, 2014
ERS research shows that food security improved in Chhattisgarh, India, in response to food aid distribution reforms.
Poverty: ERS Analysis and Research
March 13, 2014
ERS has monitored trends in poverty through research on the extent and impact of USDA food assistance programs, on household food security, and on the geographic and demographic dimensions of rural poverty.
Examining USDA’s LGM-Dairy Insurance Program
March 03, 2014
Researchers from University of Kentucky and ERS find use of USDA's LGM-Dairy insurance reduces producers' risk but has little effect on the size of the average margin and only a modest potential to induce greater milk supplies.
Highlights from the 2014 Farm Income Forecast
February 28, 2014
Net farm income is forecast to be $95.8 billion in 2014, down 26.6 percent from 2013’s forecast. Projected median total farm household income is expected to remain essentially unchanged in 2014, at $68,132.
Nearly a Third of Available Food Goes Uneaten
February 20, 2014
In the United States, 31 percent—or 133 billion pounds—of the 430 billion pounds of the available food supply at retail and consumer levels went uneaten in 2010.
Food Assistance Landscape: FY 2013 Federal Spending Up Slightly
February 20, 2014
Federal expenditures for USDA’s domestic food and nutrition assistance programs totaled $108.9 billion in fiscal 2013, or 2 percent more than the previous fiscal year--the smallest annual increase in percentage terms since 2000.
Genetically Engineered Crop Adoption Continues After 15 Years
February 20, 2014
Farmer adoption of GE crops is associated with time savings, lower insecticide use, and more conservation tillage. Consumer acceptance of GE ingredients varies across countries, product characteristics, and level of information.
USDA Agricultural Projections to 2023
February 13, 2014
USDA's longrun projections for global agriculture reflect steady world economic growth and continued demand for biofuels, which combine to support increases in consumption, trade, and prices.

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