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Understanding the Rise in Rural Child Poverty, 2003-14
Rural child poverty rose between 2003 and 2014, increasing even in pre- and post-recession years. ERS looks at the effects of declining average incomes among rural families and rising rural income inequality.

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From Where the Buffalo Roam: India’s Beef Exports
Since the late 2000s, India’s exports of beef—specifically water buffalo meat—have expanded rapidly, with India emerging as the world’s largest beef exporter in 2014. So far, Indian exports have not been competitive with U.S. beef exports.
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Effects of New Shrink-Loss data on U.S. Fresh Food Availability Estimates
ERS examines how using updated supermarket shrink-loss data in the agency’s Loss-Adjusted Food Availability series would affect estimates of U.S. fresh food items available for consumption.
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U.S., Brazil, and Argentina are Main Competitors in Corn/Soybean Markets
Lower shipping costs have helped keep the U.S. competitive with South America in international markets, but that could change with recent reductions in export taxes, export restrictions, and transportation costs in Brazil and Argentina.
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How Changes in Brazil’s Corn Industry Could Affect U.S. Corn Exports
Brazil’s corn exports are now concentrated in months traditionally dominated by Northern Hemisphere exporters, particularly the United States. Greater competition from Brazil could alter the seasonal pattern of U.S. corn exports and prices.

Last updated: Thursday, June 23, 2016

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