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Farm Income Is Forecast to Weaken in 2015
Both net cash and net farm income for farms are forecast to decline for the second consecutive year after reaching recent historic highs in 2013. Median income of farm households is expected to dip slightly.

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What Shapes Consumer Response to Foodborne Disease Outbreaks?
A case study of pathogen-related recalls of cantaloupe in 2011 and 2012 suggests consumers’ food purchase responses take into account the relative risk severity of specific pathogens. Information from news media apparently plays a role.
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Estimating Annual SNAP Participation Rates
FNS estimates monthly SNAP participation rates; ERS has provided a complementary measure, estimating the proportion of the eligible population who participate at some time during the year. Each measure can be useful in assessing SNAP.
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School meal programs adjusting to a complex mix of changes
School meal programs are adjusting to stronger nutritional standards, but face challenges in maintaining paid lunch participation to meet revenue goals and to help avoid stigma toward children receiving free or reduced-price food.
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Identifying Undernourished Populations Using Data on Individuals
ERS analysis of a Bangladesh household survey suggests that household-level food security assessments differ from individual-level assessments, with implications for identifying undernourished populations internationally.

Last updated: Thursday, August 27, 2015

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