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California Drought: Farm and Food Impacts
Information on impacts of the California drought is updated. The drought is likely to have major impacts on the State’s agricultural production, with implications for supplies of some items and for food prices.

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International Food Security Assessment, 2015-25
The number of food-insecure people in the 76 low- and middle-income countries in this report is projected to fall 9 percent from 2014, to 475 million in 2015. But over the longer term the number and population share are projected to rise.
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Foundation grants: Are U.S. rural areas being neglected?
ERS estimates that the value of U.S. foundation grants to benefit rural areas was 6-7 percent of total domestic grants in 2010. Since the rural population was 19 percent that year, this suggests an urban focus of foundation grants.
Newsroom image for ERS special outlook report "U.S.-Cuba Agricultural Trade: Past, Present and Possible Future" (AES-87)n, June 2015
U.S.-Cuba Agricultural Trade: Past, Present, and Possible Future
Establishing more normal economic relations with Cuba could potentially generate growth in U.S.-Cuba trade, foster greater productivity in Cuba’s economy, and stimulate exports of meat, dairy products, rice, and other commodities to Cuba.
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Policy Alternatives to Agricultural Export Taxes
ERS examines effects of alternative policies to conventional export taxes on countries’ domestic and trade markets for agricultural products -- policies that are less market distorting and less welfare diminishing.

Last updated: Thursday, June 25, 2015

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