Bar chart with 3 groups with 2 items per group.

Prevalence of food insecurity and very low food security, by reference period, 2015

Percent of households
Group 1, Any time during year.
Item 1, Food insecurity 12.7.
Item 2, Very low food security 5.0.
Group 2, Any time during 30 days prior to survey.
Item 1, Food insecurity 7.0.
Item 2, Very low food security 2.9.
Group 3, Estimated average daily*.
Item 1, Food insecurity No data.
Item 2, Very low food security 0.8.

N/A = Estimated average daily occurrence of food insecurity is not available because information was not collected on the number of days that less severe food-insecure conditions occurred.

*Estimated average daily prevalence of very low food security is between 0.6 and 1.0 percent of households.

Source: Calculated by ERS, USDA, using data from the December 2015 Current Population Survey Food Security Supplement.