Pie chart with 6 items.

Flour and cereal products provided more calories per day for the average American than any other food group in 2010
Fruit & vegetables and dairy products provided smaller shares of calories per day for the average American

Item 1, Added fats, oils and dairy fats 590.
Item 2, Flour and cereal products 610.
Item 3, Caloric sweetners 400.
Item 4, Meat, eggs, and nuts 545.
Item 5, Dairy 218.
Item 6, Fruit and vegetables 206.

Notes: Added fats & oils and added sugar & sweeteners are added to foods during processing or preparation. They do not include naturally occurring fats and sugars in food (e.g., fats in meat or sugars in fruits).

Food availability data serve as proxies for food consumption.

Source: Calculated by ERS/USDA based on data from various sources (see Loss-Adjusted Food Availability Documentation). Data as of February 2014.